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Zmień ustawienia

Design your kitchen with our consultant at the shop

Our Inspiration Zones are available in every shop. Book a free appointment with our advisor, who will plan your kitchen and present its visualization.

Its simpler than you think!

Book an appointment today

Contact a shop of your choice and arrange a meeting with an advisor.

Find a shop

Measure your kitchen

Prepare for the interview with accurate measurments. Refer to the dimensioning instructions or use a professional dimensioning service.

Visualization of your kitchen

Meet with an advisor in the shop at the booked date. Remember to reserve enough time - the meeting lasts on average 2 hours. During the meeting, you will be co-designing your kitchen furnature layout.

Instructions for measuring your own kitchen

Measure your kitchen step-by-step and hand over the drawings to your designer later.


Your ready new kitchen

Once your design is approved, you will receive an email with a set of materials:

  • visualizations of your new kitchen,
  • a sketch and projection of the room,
  • a detailed estimate with a list of products and a link to order all the materials you need without any hassle!

Order your kitchen

Place and pay for your order online. All you need to do is click on the link sent to your e-mail along with a visualisation of your kitchen.

Contact the shop

Find a shop

You can make an appointment by contacting the shop of your choice.

Do you have any questions?

Our hotline consultants are waiting to hear from you.

(+48) 690 680 690